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Billboard Messages On Wheels

mobile billboard truck

Good to know that the old, poor and ill folks will always have their meals on wheels. By the time the delivery van comes round to them, the legend will be emblazoned across its sides. The same goes for the pizza delivery van or the delivery guy on his noisy scooter. You don’t need to see the sticker on this guy’s helmet because you’re already on your way to the front door having heard the noisy roar from your kitchen already. Plate, knife and fork ready. Light the candles if that’s going to be your thing tonight.

Slide and rule, all good and well to have a smart mobile device, but with so many choices to make, how are smart users to make their minds up. You, the proprietor and purveyor of what you know to be an exemplary set of products and services, can get the message across that yours is definitely a cut above the rest. How is this so? How is it possible? Aren’t your messages already vying for eye space on those confusing little difficult to read screens and platforms. Too easy for folks, especially mobile folks, to lose their focus.

You draw them in to your loud and clear message with a mobile billboard truck, that’s how. Mobile folks are always on the go and on the move, so how are you going to get them to stop and turn and check out your message. Folks in those famous yellow taxis won’t miss this message, surely not. Or will they? Funny thing about public transport, busses always seem to be the best for gazing out the window, watching familiar every day scenes while traffic passes by right under your nose. Here’s the thing. The message on the move.